Monday, February 27, 2023

Healthy 13 Year Old Boy Has a Stroke While On Vacation With His Family

These Things Happen 

A 13 year old healthy Canadian boy died suddenly while on holiday with his family in Mexico


Another Innocent Child Died of Stroke in Massachusetts

Welcome the Eagle, aka Albert Benavides, sent me a VAERS report of the death of a 12-year-old girl today because I asked him to send me any new Massachusetts deaths suspected to be vaccine-caused. The record he just sent me was entered only ten days ago February 15, 2023, but the death apparently occurred on August 29, 2022, which I found in the Massachusetts Death Certificates. The VAERS report has the wrong date of death and onset of symptoms by one day. Why did it take almost six (6) months to enter the report, especially when it involves the death of a child?

The Death Certificate is, coincidentally, certified by one of the named Defendants in my federal lawsuit against agents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Another child died of a stroke and instead of investigating, they covered it up and waited half a year to enter it into the VAERS system that they don’t even look at. I wonder if the authors of Brianna’s Brief Report in the Neurohospitalist journal will still say that these are “extremely rare.”

Inorder to sidestep author biases, below are the VAERS record and the Death Certificates of five(5) 12-year-old girls, who died in 2022 in Massachusetts.

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