Sunday, February 26, 2023

America Is IMPLODING & A National Divorce Is Inevitable As Culture War Escalates To Civil War


Redneck Texan said...

Where do you come down on the divorce issue Pasto?

I like the concept of people living under a government that reflects their values, but there's just an insurmountable number of snags involved.

Geographically, Blue America would be noncontiguous. That's a logical nightmare, for them.

How would we divide up debt burden?

Could people and goods freely move from one to other?


I like having the discussion. I think both sides, upon reasonable contemplation, could win converts to the idea. But reasonable contemplation could also swing converts against it as well.

If we could narrow the divorce down to just a peaceful political separation, I'd say its worth a try. Even if for a limited amount of time just to see how the competing political ideologies faired without the other side throwing a wrench into the gears every time they are out of power.

On the other hand, one party systems dont have the best track record, and the founders baked in political gridlock for a reason.

JEC said...

Debt burden is unsecured debt that belongs to the fed.

Pastorius said...

I can't think of a way to divide up the country that didn't involve massive relocation of peoples.

No one in my family likes the government of California. Not a bit. But no one seems willing to move.

By the way, think about this: The state funded college system has planted liberal bombs in cities in Red States all over the country. There are hardened leftists running all of those state-funded colleges, and the massive crew of true believers that work as support for the queen bee of college Administration.

What to do about them?

Pastorius said...

Another thing to think about: The best examples of cities that Californians do leave for:


Austin has hardened leftward, and is filled with all the same scummy problems that California has.

Texas will likely be a blue state within a few years.

I have a friend who was a copy who moved the Nashville, and he says the same thing is gradually happening there.

And of course, the leftists in Austin and Nashville blame all these problems on the right.

Rednecktexan said...

It might be a better path to just have states more fully exercise the 10th amendment, and see if the Fed resorts to a violent solution.

You know, during the civil war you could gather a volunteer army on the way to the battlefield ....... the people in general were more than willing to throw down (Commit Organized Murder) against their fellow Americans back in the day, for the slightest infraction against their honor. I dont know whether they were just more hot blooded than we are today, or just had less to lose.

At any rate, I dont see the American Military or divided Civilian populace prepared to leave their comfortable lives to go kill people of a different ideology.

In other words, I dont think the urge to preserve the Union at all costs is as strong as it once was. I dont see the Feds being willing or able to occupy states that refuse to submit.

I know I wouldn't go fight to keep Oregon or Massachusetts in our Union, thus I doubt they would be willing to go fight to keep Red States in either.

..... but I could be wrong about that.

Pastorius said...

I think you could be sure they'd go after Texas and the Dakotas and all that oil.

I think the 10th amendment is not regarded very well these days.

Consider marijuana laws. I don't like weed, but Colorade, California and other states have legalized it, but the Fed refuses to regard income from the sale of Marijuana as legitimate income, and will prosecute those using it to get mortgages.

so much for the 10th amendment, huh?

Redneck Texan said...

It is interesting how we've all voluntarily entered into political pact that had no allowance for a peaceful exit.

That in itself was pretty short sighted.