Thursday, February 16, 2023

The youth gender clinic at St. Louis Childrens/Washington University in St. Louis And the whistleblower who came forward


So starting off with the transgender clinic.  Highlighting a few things, much as we did with Children’s Mercy.   This clinic is a joint effort between the children hospital and Washington University.  WashU is a pricy private college.  

They have this to say “Gender affirming care is the gold standard of pediatric gender care.” The gender clinic was founded in 2017, so it is about 5-6 years into practice. 

Our services include: (feel free to click the links to see the specific details) 

  • Patient education to determine the best transitioning plan for each person. For some, adjustments in gender expression — preferred name and pronouns, makeup, hair, voice, clothing and/or behavior — are enough.

  • Puberty blockers, which delay puberty and suppress the development or progression of unwanted and irreversible secondary sexual characteristics.

  • Hormone therapy to help a person’s body match their gender identity.

  • Menstrual Suppression through the use of contraceptive options to help alleviate some dysphoria symptoms.

  • Referrals to our psychologists and therapists in the community for gender dysphoria, low self-esteem and other issues; and psychiatric evaluation and treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD and other complex mental health conditions.

  • Voice and speech therapy to achieve gender-consistent speech, including pitch, intonation and quality.

  • Assistance navigating issues around gender identity in school systems

  • Referrals to community resources and support groups that empower parents and guardians.

They claim to offer services to 18+ for surgery.  My question then is why is a children’s hospital doing this?  Age 18 is legally an adult.  Whyyyyyy would a pediatric hospital be doing that surgery?  They offer top and bottom surgery, breast implants, fat injections to create hips and buttocks.  Again, why is a pediatric hospital doing this? 

The puberty blockers portion though?  There is no age limit on those.  Per their website: 

At What Age Can You Start Taking Puberty Blockers?


Because every child is different, there isn’t a single best age to begin puberty blockers.  

In general, starting puberty blockers in early puberty leads to better outcomes and prevents the lifelong difficulties that can result from living with undesired sex characteristics. While they can stop puberty from progressing, however, blockers can’t reverse changes that have already happened.  They are encouraging EARLY use of puberty blockers before any puberty body changes can start to happen.  That would indicate they are starting kids young, prior to age 12. 

IN light of all of this information on their website, a former employee came forward as a whistleblower ...



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