Saturday, October 26, 2013

Netanyahu continues the cowardice of releasing terrorists

The embarrassment of a prime minister is intent on continuing with his insult to justice and the victims of jihad, all the while using construction as a kind of moral equivalence:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not intend to abort the second phase of the prisoner release which he pledged within the framework of resuming direct peace talks with the Palestinians, but he also intends to accelerate certain building projects in Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu was planning to divulge the identities of the 32 convicted terrorists comprising the second batch of Palestinian prisoners during the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday. [...]

A senior political official said on Thursday that "Israel will stand behind all its obligations with the resumption of negotiations. At the same time a new construction initiative is expected to be announced." [...]

Meanwhile, dissension within the government has grown over the second phase of the prisoner release. Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi) criticized the prime minister's willingness to release terrorists, despite Netanyahu's pledge to keep building in the settlements, the support center of Bennett's party.

"The attempt to combine construction with freeing murderers is cynical and morally wrong. It would be better for the prime minister not to free murderers and not to build," he said.
He's right. At worst, it's sick and can embarrass people who live in Judea/Samaria.
Habayit Hayehudi announced on Thursday it planned to propose a bill on Sunday that would prevent future prisoner releases.

The new bill "would stop the shameful release of terrorist prisoners in the future and we even expect Likud ministers to support [it]," said Habayit Heyehudi in a press release. The bill has also received signatures from MKs in Netanyahu's Likud party and United Torah Judaism.
They'd do a lot of good to support the bill, which is crucial for ensuring that violent criminals serve their full punishment, no matter their ethnic background.

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