Friday, October 25, 2013

Oregon court thinks prosecutor shouldn't have argued sex offender was influenced by sharia

The Portland Mercury wrote about a sexual abuse and drug case where an Iranian immigrant provided 2 high school girls with cocaine and later molested one of them. And they along with an appeals court think the prosecutor in Wash. County shouldn't have brought up sharia as the pervert's influence:
Shahin Farokhrany is Iranian, and in 2009 allegedly supplied cocaine to two high school girls before trying to have oral sex with one of them in his Washington County apartment.

The latter part got Farokhrany convicted on a bevy of felony charges. His nationality has earned him a new trial.

The Oregon Court of Appeals today ruled [pdf] a Washington County prosecutor in Farokhrany's case probably improperly influenced the jury by suggesting the man might have been influenced by Sharia—the religious law of Islam—in committing the crimes, and the trial judge should have corrected the matter.
No, I don't think he had to. Religions can come in many different forms and ideas, both good and bad, and if the prosecutor knew what Islam is like, he had every right to ask challenging queries. But the paper doesn't think so, and they're being very stupid to act as apologist, just every other MSM outlet that does the same.

Furthermore, if the man committed a violent felony, then they're being very dumb to let his nationality/religion "earn" him a retrial when he belongs in the pen. I hope the court reviewing this case now will choose wisely and keep him in prison till he's toothless.

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