Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saudi Activists Cancel Women 'Drive-in' Plan

From A New Dark Age Is Dawning:
AL JAZEERA: A planned driving campaign has been cancelled after the government threatened legal action against the women involved.

Activists pressing to end Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving have dropped plans for a "drive-in" on Saturday after threats of legal action and have opted instead for an open-ended campaign.

"Out of caution and respect for the interior ministry's warnings ... we are asking women not to drive tomorrow and to change the initiative from an October 26 campaign to an open driving campaign," activist Najla al-Hariri told AFP news agency on Friday.

Several women said they had received telephone calls from the ministry, which openly warned on Thursday of measures against activists who chose to participate and asked them to promise not to drive on Saturday.
CBS News has yet to update the story on the CBS site, where the outdated version is still on the web site's first page as a lead story.

No mention of the cancellation in the Washington Post (Associated Press) either.

And same goes for CNN.

Obfuscation rules the day!


Epaminondas said...

And legal action = religious police arrest you detain and beat and rape you as uncovered meat?

Mustang said...

Well, I think we owe it to our friends, the Saudi women, to encourage their desire to drive cars while wearing black hoods. We should embolden them to play their radios very loud, drive while texting, and also, to drive very fast because it’s fun. As to the press reporting on this event—let us try to remember that news media only exists to force us to adapt to their values, which are generally low (there being no other way to explain their love affair with Barack Obama).