Saturday, October 26, 2013

Obamacare application results for 10-26

Okay so I run thru the ENTIRE application process AGAIN.
This time all SS#’s are gone.
Now, what were they saying about improvements?


Pastorius said...

It's almost like they don't want people to get insured.

Walter Sieruk said...

There is an online petition to have Obama impeached. it's on the internet site
Furthermore, there is also a new book out and it's entitled IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES : THE CASE FOR THE REMOVING OF BARRACK OBAMA FROM OFFICE by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott

Charles Martel said...

Pastorius, it just occurred to me. Maybe they think they are so smart that programmed the system to perceive foes and friends, and like with the IRS, make their foes' lives miserable.

My youngest son (the Democrat) announced yesterday that thanks to the "Muslim president" (his words directed to me) has medical insurance ever since he out aged mine. I asked if it was difficult to get in the Web page. His answer: No, I just had to try a few times and was able to do it. When asked about what coverage he got, here is his response: Blue Cross Blue Shield, annual cost $1100, total coverage after a deductible of $7,900 a year, and a co=payment of 10% after that.

Epaminondas said...

Well I can't speak to anyone else's experience

Where are you?
State run exchange or federal?
How many companies are offering insurance in your state?

I am in the federal system.

I know of NO ONE who has actually been able to apply, shop, find out about FINAL premium costs, and buy .

If you want to just BUY a policy outside the system you can in 5 minutes.

Which means if I want to pay $3900/ month, or $6034 a month, I can have a plan anytime I want one.

FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY, not thru the federal exchange

Pastorius said...

A $7900 deductible is very high. But the fact that he got on the website easily enough is interesting.

On the other hand, I have found that people out here in California are not at all unhappy with their Obamacare options, and seem to have had little if any trouble getting on the site.

Anonymous said...

"We'll give you your eligibility results after verify your identity."

Is that the official website that has this sentence on there?

If so, then WOW! Do they now hire illegal Mexicans to write English sentences for them too?


Epaminondas said...

you got it exactly, nico

that's what we have become

Epaminondas said...

@pasto - I agree. People in ca under the state run exchange (and 1 year federally funded medicaid expansion) seem to be doing FAR better than the bulk of the nation and better than almost everyone under the federal system.

A reference ... prior to this, in NH, a state where for ANY previous condition (like a cancer 10 years before) you could be refused, my children were able to get a policy for about $105/month. $750 deductible, $2500 max out of pocket. With that kind of cost, and THAT kind of coverage in a policy where NO REFERRAL was required for a specialist, they ALL bought their own coverage.

I wonder what happens in CA next year when federal support is SUPPOSED to stop for the state run medicaid expansion.

With a 7900 deductible, if you break an arm, you are self insured. If you have a short 2 day hospital stay you are self insured.

I am sure that part of the prob here in Maine is that we went from 4 insurers offering 9 policies to 2 offering 3 (which are identical). One of the insurers offers a VERY limited selection of Dr.'s as of today.

I would suggest that this in addition to the site is why in North Dakota (a similar state compared to Maine) there are 20 customers after 3 weeks.