Friday, August 28, 2020

Kamala Harris on Support for BLM Riots: ‘They’re Not Gonna Stop, And They Should Not Stop’ Warns Everyone to ‘Beware’


Anonymous said...

We can't go back to this...and even worse
When an evil revolutionary tells you who she is, believe her.

Anonymous said...

Genius.@realDonaldTrump not only held fabulous RNC convention, but he got #BLMDemocrats to donate million$ in free advertising afterward.

Anonymous said...

The coup is shifting into a Marxist revolution.

Kamala Harris was the Democratic Communists’ choice for President after Biden is declared unfit on Jan 21, 2021

Listen to her interview......Nov 3 is phase line only.

NATSEC team better be preparing.

Anonymous said...

All the cockroaches are coming out into the light.

It's "not gonna stop" . . . on it's own.

"Kill a commie for mommy." -- Johnny Ramone