Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kenosha, Wisconsin: One Person Shot in the Head While Looting a Car Shop – SECOND Person’s Upper Arm Partially Blown Off



'I've just killed somebody': Two dead, one injured on the streets of Kenosha as dramatic videos capture gunman shooting at BLM protesters during clashes with militias guarding gas stations after wave of looting

  • Two people were killed and another wounded in Kenosha, Wisconsin during a third night of unrest on Tuesday
  • One victim was shot in the head and another was shot in the chest at about 11.45pm on Tuesday, according to Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth 
  • A third man was shot in the arm but his wounds were not believed to life-threatening 
  • Police fear the shootings are linked to 'self-styled militias' taking on looters amid the Jacob Blake protests
  • Authorities said early Wednesday that they had reviewed videos from the scene but they were still investigating and no one had been taken into custody yet 
  • Cellphone video posted online shows that the ordeal unfolded after one man was shot in the head outside a nearby auto garage. It shows an armed man running away, saying: 'I've just killed somebody' 
  • Separate videos that captured the other two shootings showed a group of protesters tailing the gunman as he ran down the middle of the street 
  • The videos show the man with the gun appearing to stumble and fall in the street before one pursuer took a flying kick at the gunman and another appeared to strike him with a skateboard and tried to grab his weapon
  • The gunman fired three of four shots from a seated position and struck two people
  • As the crowd scattered, the shooter stood up and walked towards approaching police cars with his arms up
  • Despite appearing to hand himself in, Sheriff David Beth later said the shooter had not yet been identified or arrested but said he was 'confident we'll have him in a very short time' based on video footage seen by police 

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