Wednesday, May 04, 2022

8-year-old Ryleigh Jones develops post-injection neurological disorder, as FDA approves more deadly “treatments” for kids

We wrote about little Pixie last month. The 5-year-old Filipino girl received her first mRNA injection on March 22. She was in the hospital and on life support less than 13 hours later. Ms. Rose Jovelyn Calo-Lamadora, Pixie’s mother, posted an update on April 20. Pixie was finally released from the hospital after 27 days, 14 of which were intensive care. 
Ms. Calo-Lamadora conceded that Pixie must “adjust to her new life.” Again the Filipino language does not translate well to English. But it appears Pixie can no longer walk. She may regain said ability after years of physical therapy. Ms. Calo-Lamadora, however, insinuated at least three times in recent posts that this is Pixie’s new life. 
A report by The Daily Exposé crunched data from the British Office for National Statistics. It found that non-vaccinated British kids ages 10 to 14 had an all-cause death rate 4.58 per 100,000 from January 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021. But double vaccinated kids in that same age group and time period had an all-cause death rate of 238 per 100,000, or about 52 times higher than non-vaccinated kids.


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