Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury

From Steve Kirsch:

Robert Jackson has been a doctor for 35 years. In his practice there are over 5,000 patients, around 3,000 got vaccinated with the COVID vaccines. 
What makes him unusual is that he is not afraid to speak out about what he is seeing in his patients. This is because he’s too valuable to fire. 
He’s never seen anything like this in his career. The results are stunning: 40% reported a vaccine injury; 5% are still injured. 
Nobody can argue his numbers are anecdotes because they were confirmed in the EULAR database and published in the BMJ: 37% had adverse events and 4.4% of patients had a flare up of their disease after vaccination. 
Also, he’s had 12 deaths following the jab. 
Normally in his patient base he’ll see 1 or 2 deaths a year. So if there is a question of whether all-cause mortality goes up or down after the jabs rolled out, his numbers make it crystal clear. This is aggregated data over dozens of doctors: a .33% excess mortality rate among his patients after the vaccines rolled out (i.e., the vaccines likely killed 1 in 300 people in his patient base). 
However, this is likely an undercount because he’s not the primary care physician. This suggests a kill rate many times higher than the .2% we estimated from VAERS. 
However, these are deaths in rheumatology patients, so this may account for the higher estimate. But we are in the same ballpark as the death estimate from VAERS.


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