Saturday, February 24, 2018

Broward Coward County Sheriff's Department Collusion With Obama's Nghtmarish Policies Led Them To Escort Children To Their Deaths

How on earth does this school resource officer justify his claim that he "secured the perimeter" of an active shooter situation by hiding in that stairwell in the adjacent building?

The Last English Prince comments:
The perimeter is ONLY secured when the threat is removed and the "friendlies" have control of the battle space. 
Scot Peterson only secured a safe perimeter for himself by providing cover for himself and never entering the building.
Look, I understand Scot Peterson had an exemplary 30 year record and that fate unfortunately placed him in the most life-altering, potentially life-ending situation on the precipice of his retirement. Why lie about professional conduct and wash all that history down the drain.
My fear is this career officer will eat his gun. . .yet, the policies he helped enforce put him in this position - and he doubled down by remaining inert in that stairwell and then suggesting he "secured the perimeter".

What impression will this student (as well as those who become familiar with his revelations) have for men in uniform now that he personally witnessed his School Resource Officer, Scot Peterson fail to serve in the moment he was most needed?

The damage done to credibility of authority figures of all stripes is - as yet - understated.
17 innocents have thus far suffered the consequences. Untold numbers of their kin and acquaintances have suffered the consequences. Will those who supported Obama's 2010 push to end "school-to-prison" pipeline finally wake up and recognize why Cruz was PERMITTED to kill their classmates/kin?


Obama's push to end phony "school-to-prison pipeline"backfired (literally) on teachers and students in Florida massacre

"I have said over and over and over again we have to measure the success of the Broward Sheriffs office, by the kids we keep out of jail, not the kids we put in jail." - Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel @ visit to Darul Uloom (mosque/community center)Florida USA

Listen to the above video as he addresses a sizable group of Muslim men talking about 10 hungry lions on the hunt..."when on a mission, surround yourself with like minded individuals".

Then consider the video clip of Eric Holder stating schools must brainwash their students to think about gun control.


Unless real consequences are paid by those who concocted, enabled, enforced and even encouraged the Cruz's of this world to commit mass murder and are brought to justice - we can expect more of the same and at any time.
Tying together the report that 3 Broward County Sheriff's deputies also WAITED OUTSIDE during the shooting suggests a massive cover-up..."stand-down" order.

Did the CS police enter the building(s)? Unclear, as yet. The County Sheriff would have jurisdiction to order a stand down. 

Did he, is the question. 

Given that the Parkland H.S. CCTV had a 27 minute delay...will the County 911 line/LE comms have a similar delay preset to prevent exposure of culpability?

P.S. Why is Cruz still breathing?


LL said...

Don't cut Scot Peterson any slack. Cowardice from somebody who KNEW the children who were being slaughtered is exceptionally odious. I don't know how he can live with his shame.

What sort of training is Broward County SO providing to it's deputies? That is something that needs review by the State of Florida in minute detail. Clearly there was a systemic breakdown on the day of the shooting. The wider systemic breakdown is something that the entire nation needs to use as a 'lesson' and every county and city needs to reflect on what they do at the policy level and at the implementation level.

Conspiracy? Maybe. More likely Keystone Cops.

Anonymous said...
Sheriff Scott Israel was accused in June 2016 of having employees attend campaign events on his behalf at taxpayer's expense #ResignSheriffIsrael