Monday, February 26, 2018

The Speech That Made Angela Merkel Run Out of the Legislature Hall Screaming and Tearing Her Hair Out

And then there's this:

Germany: Muslims Praying On Tracks Halt Rail Traffic

Neumünster (ots) – Yesterday evening around 9:30 PM, Federal Police were called to an operation out of the ordinary in the train station Neumünster. 
Train personnel had spotted two men in the tracks, one of them was shining a torch-light, the other one was praying right next to the tracks. 
The affected track had to be closed for 30 minutes. Upon address to remove themselves from the danger zone, the men replied that they hadn’t yet finished their prayer. Shortly after, the men absented themselves. 
With the personality description, Federal Police were able to arrest said men. They admitted to having resorted to the track bed to pray, as it was too bright on the platform. 
After securing their identity, a 20-year old Kosovar and a 17-year old Macedonian, both men were lectured about the danger to life that they had put themselves in. Charges were laid against them. 
Two trains were cancelled, two further trains were delayed.

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