Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The totalitarian cult

Muslims in the Arab world are confronting the really important issues:
Players in the UAE’s Arabian Gulf League might start thinking twice about splashing the cash on fancy hairdos after Al Ain’s Brazilian player Caio was the latest player to be fined for sporting an "unethical haircut" during a recent game.
What exactly is an "unethical haircut"?
Middle East football expert Shuaib Ahmed told Arab News: “These type of cuts with the side of the head shaved are not aligned with the country’s cultural norms. It came up last season and since then, the league committee have started taking it seriously.”
It happens in other Middle East countries too, such as Saudi Arabia. Back in 2012, Waleed Abdullah was told to cut his “un-Islamic” hair by the referee before being allowed on the pitch to play for his side Al Shabab.
Here's the surreal video of that player getting his unbeliever hairstyle fixed. His expression of utter bewilderment says it all.

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