Saturday, February 24, 2018

Broward Coward Sherriff Scott Pussy-Ass Israel Sucks Muslim Cock While His Department Escorts Children To Their Deaths

"I have said over and over and over again we have to measure the success of the Broward Sheriffs office, by the kids we keep out of jail, not the kids we put in jail."

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel @ visit to Darul Uloom Mosque/Community Center, Florida USA

Listen to the video further as he addresses a sizable group of Muslim men talking about 10 hungry lions on the hunt..."when on a mission, surround yourself with like minded individuals".


thelastenglishprince said...

So the Sheriff is a community activist? Hmmm

Parkland, Florida presents a good argument for the armed citizen. If four deputies won't shoot to kill just invite one well-armed Texan to do the job that real men do.

Unarmed coach ran INTO the building to save the kids and lost his life. Armed deputies preserved self interest and.... errr... their paychecks.

I ask the question again. Why was Scot Peterson allowed to retire before internal affairs closed their investigation into his actions?

Anonymous said...

Community activist? See for yourself:
An article in the 8/2016 SunSentinel: Sheriff's hiring of political supporters under fire
===>”If you’re not part of his cliques,” Jules said, “you don’t get hired.”
But to criticize the team he built, Israel said, is to criticize “a team that won the Super Bowl.”
He cited a dramatic drop in violent crime during his tenure, and the issuing of thousands of civil citations – rather than arrests – for juveniles. Using one of his well-worn sayings, he said “lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep,” and maintained
that he doesn’t spend “more than 10 seconds” listening to his opponents’ criticisms.

He said he noticed during the Olympic games that U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps stared ahead as he waited for the starting fun. But Ryan Lochte, his rival, focused on Phelps.
What he gleaned from that, he said, was that “winners concentrate on winning. Losers concentrate on winners. And that’s why they’re concentrating on me.”

Pastorius said...

Not merely to preserve their life.

To preserve their PENSION.