Saturday, February 24, 2018

Broward Coward Sheriff's Department/FBI's Failure PROVES Private Citizens Can NOT Rely on Government To Protect Themselves

From Ace of Spades:

It has been noted that the sheriff's deputy assigned to protect the Parkland school did nothing for six minutes during the rampage. 

The cuck media is taking this a proof that "good guys with guns can't stop gun crime," not realizing that 

1, this guy was actually a paid agent of the state and therefore 

2, if paid agents of the state specifically assigned to carry guns to defend citizens won't do so, then 

3, it's up to every private citizen to arm himself in order to protect himself. 



Anonymous said...

Did you know that Broward County Superintendents brother James worked for Obama...and had to step down? James Runcie, Chief Administrator of DOE's Federal Student Aid Program, resigns rather than testify before Congress.

"The Runcie-supersvised student aid program has come under severe criticism over the last several years. Recently, the pres reported that the program misspent a total of $6 Billion in federal money in the Pell Grant program and the direct Student Loan program. A Huffington Post article, published about a year ago, noted that "government investigators from other agencies routinely slammed Runcie's division for failing to aid distressed borrowers and protect students, or they unearthed evidence of mistreatment that Runcie's deputies missed."

Anonymous said...

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