Sunday, August 18, 2019

New York Times Admits ‘We Built Our Newsroom’ Around Russia Collusion Hoax

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet accidentally admitted to the whole wide world that for two years his far-left newspaper was “built” around spreading a hoax. 
When I say “accidentally,” what I mean is that he likely didn’t know he was being secretly recorded and that his remarks would be made public. 
He also admitted the Times’ staff is loaded with left-wingers “who cheer us when we take on Donald Trump, but they jeer at us when we take on Joe Biden.” 
Yeah, there’s a real shocker. 
Slate somehow got a hold of a recording of a company-wide meeting Baquet held with his left-wing staffers, and it is an illuminating look, not only at the fall of the Times’ own credibility, but how the news media in general has been infested with entitled, left-wing cry-bullies who only want to see the media used — not to inform the public — but to propagandize left-wing causes. 
What I mean is that the whole reason for this meeting was to placate a newsroom full of babies who are still pouting over that one time the Times did not slam Trump in a headline.


thelastenglishprince said...

I note that in the article NYT will now spin what it means to be an American in 2019.

Have they covered this story?

While Trump understands the ideological threat coming from many quarters, he has also pushed against China regarding concentration camps with Uighur Muslims.

* Perhaps the NYT would do well to report out what I placed on my site this morning, hatred directed against a medical team in an African nation - hatred against Christians.

Anonymous said...

If the NYT was an actual newspaper and not a propaganda organ...

If the NYT employed genuine journalists who sought out important stories and investigated for facts...

If the NYT was actually interested in reporting, not pushing agendas and shaping narratives...

They would have known that "the Russians Hacked the Election" (the original charge if you remember) was a bullshit charge from the gitgo.

But they are not. All they have done is waste our time and foment chaos. I believe that chaos - and its consequences - is now unavoidable thanks in large measure to the NYT.

Always On Watch said...