Friday, August 23, 2019

The Real Reason Behind Trump's Desire to Buy Greenland?

Was Greenland “for sale” when the Chinese were shopping in 2017? 
"In 2017, Greenland’s prime minister flew to China and asked, as the Journal reported in February of this year, “Chinese state-run banks to finance the new commercial airports, including a big one for one of the smallest capitals on earth, Nuuk, which can now be served only by propeller planes. The bankers were interested, people at the meetings said, so long as a Chinese company constructed the airports.” 
Reports indicate this action was triggered by Denmark refusing to help. Then-Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis was not happy and convinced Danish officials to fund the infrastructure, sidelining China. 
This was an effort by China starting in 2018 and only ending when they officially withdrew in June of this year. 
For those who look past their shallow view of the United States and the administration, one would know it’s no coincidence that the president’s remarks on Greenland became public just two months after we successfully fought off China in their latest swing at the North American island."


Anonymous said...

17 intelligence agencies assess Russia is poised to purchase Greenland
There’s only one way to stop them
Don’t let Putin buy Greenland first!
===>They are trying to expand...
What is Russia Doing on this Secret Military Island in Finland?
Pictured: Finland's Sakkiluoto Island as seen from Google Earth... 9 piers and a (hig

Always On Watch said...

DJT is crazy -- like a fox.