Friday, August 23, 2019

North Korea nuclear leak fears as satellite images show rivers turned BLACK near uranium mines

Oh boy:
NORTH Korea’s nuclear programme is feared to be leaking toxic waste which could be contaminating 400,000 people — risking cancer and horrible birth defects. 
Disturbing photos appear to reveal how a uranium plant in the north of the country is spilling huge amounts of toxic waste into a river which provides water to drink and for crops. 
The potential radioactive leak was discovered by eagle-eyed US-based researcher Jacob Bogle. 
By examining satellite images of the Pyongsan uranium site, Mr Bogle believes a horror has been unfolding which has been covered up by the highly secretive and insular state. 
But he thinks the catastrophe may soon be hard to hide because the toxic leak is now flowing into the Yellow Sea the country shares with neighbouring South Korea and China. 
This could ultimately affect an estimated 600million people and end up being the world’s worst man-made disaster.

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Always On Watch said...


Big, big trouble.

And nuclear waste doesn't know any national boundaries.