Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pennsylvania school district set to demolish boys, girls locker rooms, will spend $2.4 million on new gender-neutral facilities

A Pennsylvania school district is set to drop a hefty sum on a brand-new gender-neutral changing facility for students, according WTXF-TV. 
The station reported that Garden Spot High School in New Holland will eliminate traditional boys and girls locker rooms with the $2.4 million project. 
Renovations are expected to be completed by December 2020. What are the details? 
Board members unanimously voted yes on the project Monday night. The renovation project will include four "zones" that will make up a total of 48 private changing rooms and 76 private showers, according to Lancaster Online. 
The showers will also double as changing rooms when not in use. District Superintendent Bob Hollister told the outlet that the four zones will not be designated by gender, but pointed out that he believes there will be a "natural selection." 
In a statement, the board addressed the newly approved measure. 
“This District policy states that multi-user locker rooms and restrooms will be separated based on biological sex. But the idea behind the policy is much deeper," the board at Eastern Lancaster County School District wrote in a statement on the matter. 
“We've worked hard to arrive at a solution that balances varied interests — which is why we're systematically converting multi-user facilities into a series of single-user facilities."

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