Sunday, October 20, 2019

New York Times Asks, "How Guilty Should You Feel About Flying? Should American Be Ashamed Of Their Carbon Footprint?"

The Swedes call it “flygskam,” or “flying shame,” the movement that encourages people to stop taking flights to lower their carbon footprints. But should most Americans really be ashamed of getting on a plane to see grandma this holiday season? 
The short answer: Probably not. If your flights are purely a luxury, though, that’s another matter. 
A small group of frequent flyers, 12% of Americans who make more than six round trips by air a year, are responsible for two-thirds of all air travel and, by extension, two-thirds of aviation emissions, according to a new analysis by the International Council on Clean Transportation, a nonprofit research group. 
Each of these travelers, on average, emits more than 3 tons of carbon dioxide per year, a substantial amount, particularly by global standards. And the most frequent flyers, those who take more than 9 round trips per year, emit the highest share. 
If all Americans flew more than six times a year, the use of aviation jet fuel would increase about sixfold, and planes would easily surpass passenger cars as the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions, the International Council on Clean Transportation estimates. 
“Our climate just can’t tolerate widespread frequent flying,” said Dan Rutherford, who directs the council’s aviation program. “At some level we need to figure out, collectively, which flights are necessary, and which are luxuries.”
I used to fly over 100,000 miles every year.

Why did I do that?

I was an Account Executive in the Media Business.  The work I did brought in large contracts which kept hundreds of people working.

I feel no fucking shame for that whatsoever. I feel pride.

The New York Times can fuck themselves. They are anti-human.

People who travel a lot are almost exclusively business generators. Corporations do not spend thousands of dollars on business travel just to piss it away.

And by the way, let's review something very important: A common complaint about America is we used a large percentage of the world's resources.

That means a large percentage of the people who have jobs around the world have those jobs because we buy their fucking resources.

So anyone who complains about America can go fuck themselves too.


Pete Rowe said...

I agree with the sentiment. The only shame I have about flying is a lack of leg room. And I travel almost exclusively for pleasure and fun.

WC said...

Has the New York Slime ever think of the carbon footprint they create printing their fish wrap? Cutting down trees to dend to mill to make the pulp to make the paper to create the ink to tin the presses - I can go on. BTW: I love the phrase "anti-human to explain a liberal. Think about what they support. Abortion. Euthanasia, global warming etc etc. I'm gonna use that term on my libtard friends.

Always On Watch said...

Good rant, Pasto.

And, yes, "anti-human" is a perfect term. Like WC, I'm going to spring it on a few people. **grin**

Pastorius said...

I'm glad you like it. It is accurate and deserved.