Thursday, October 24, 2019

"THE MUSEUM WILL BECOME HELL", Scribbled in Arabic: "Man" Holed Up In French Archaeological Museum

Police intervention has been underway since the morning of 23 October in Saint-Raphael, in Var, southern France, Le Parisien reported citing the national police. 
At least one man is holed up in an archaeological museum in Saint-Raphael, according to a tweet posted by the National Police. 
France Bleu reported, referring to a source close to the police that “worrisome” inscriptions in Arabic have been found on the scene, evoking “the museum and hell”. 
BFMTV, meanwhile, has reported that one of the messages on the walls of Saint Raphael’s archaeological museum allegedly says “the museum will become hell”. 
French police reportedly said they’ve detained the man who was holed up in the museum. 
According to France Bleu, it could’ve been a cleaning lady who sounded the alarm after she could not open a door that was blocked from the inside.

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