Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I Have Removed Drudge Report From Our List of Feeder Sites

I will no longer patronize the Drudge Report.

I never liked Matt Drudge. He is an Apocalyptic Homo.

He has always catered to those who are obsessed with the End Times by scripting the Apocalypse into his pestilent mesh of idiotic headlines.

The only reason I ever used his site is because it was a quick, easy aggregation.

But now, he has become a preachy, catty, fucking cunt.

He is no longer worth spending even a second on.


revereridesagain said...

Never have read Drudge, but noticed Timmerman doing the same thing in an article posted at Front Page Magazine recently. What's up with that? Are these people so obsessed with this 'rapture' fantasy that they can't keep it out of their professional life?

Pastorius said...

The worst thing about Drudge is he constructs the Apocalypse narrative, but I do not even begin to think he is a believer in God. He is, instead, a sheer hater of humanity, and a lover only of himself.

That is my opinion. I could be wrong.

There are a tremendous amount of Atheist Apocalypse worshippers. We usually call them "The Green Movement."

Anonymous said...

A couple of other news aggregators that I've visited regularly - found mentioned here in past years are:


Pastorius said...

Astute Blogger doesn't do much anymore

paul scott said...
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