Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Biden’s Gift to Taliban Included 110 Helicopters, 20 Light Attack Airplanes, 42,000 Light Attack Vehicles, 25,000 Grenade Launchers


Rather than destroying the equipment before leaving the country, Joe Biden decided to leave the nearly $85 billion worth of US military equipment to the Taliban. 
The big story might be the pallets of cash the Taliban have been posting videos of pallets of weapons and stacks of $100 bills they have seized
If the Taliban has 208 military aircraft then according to the NationMaster list the Taliban now ranks #26 of all countries in the number of military aircraft. 
One example is below: 


It also appears the Taliban seized way more ScanEagle drones than the government is saying they did. 
There is no accounting on the number of crashed units. Direct Quote from Report 
“This also raises concerns about how NAVAIR justified procuring 105 ScanEagle vehicles totaling over $32 million and spare parts totaling over $52 million, and future planned procurements.” 
This week, the SIGAR audit on the $174 million drone loss disappeared from its website. Here is the link that was removed. 
From 2017 to 2019, the U.S. also gave Afghan forces 7,035 machine guns, 4,702 Humvees, 20,040 hand grenades, 2,520 bombs and 1,394 grenade launchers, according to the since removed 2020 SIGAR report.

I usually don't think much of the idea of impeaching a President. But in this case, Biden has really fucked the United States, and the world.

That being said, I don't believe this is Biden's doing. At the very least, someone in the military should have INSISTED on destroying these weapons. 

The notion of NOT destroying them is not a mistake. It can only be purposeful.

And the only purpose for this is a Gramscian tactic.

I believe this was a calculated tactic, laid into the policy of the American military by someone who hates the United States with a malevolent passion.

These people will get us all killed.

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ff 19:23 on this BitChute video clip of Tucker Carlson's program for August 25, 2021 to listen to his guest, Eric Prince, founder of BlackWater, discuss multiple efforts to rescue Biden and several Democrat Party VIPs on a Congressional visit to Afghanistan ESCAPE Taliban territory in 2008 when their helicopter got lost during a blinding snow storm in the winter . Today, BlackWater continues to rescue Americans during Biden's Afghanistan surrender and shameful abandonment of AMericans.

video link: