Friday, August 27, 2021

Capitol Hill Officer Who KILLED Ashli Babbitt Tells Lester Holt: “I Was Just Doing My Job,” Ridiculously Claims He “Saved Countless Lives” From his UNARMED Victim – Video

Babbitt, a US military veteran, was gunned down without warning inside the Capitol on January 6th. 
She was unarmed and posed no threat to the police or anyone else. Byrd pulled the trigger anyways. 
Last Friday, after a bogus and corrupt internal investigation that took place behind closed doors, Byrd was exonerated for killing Babbitt even though he gave no warning to her before shooting, ran from the scene of the crime, and shot an unarmed woman dead who posed no threat. 
Now he walks free, thanks to Biden’s banana republic. Media sycophants were eager to glorify Byrd for his evil actions. 
After his phony exoneration, NBC Nightly News sat Byrd down so he could tell his ‘side of the story,’ and praised the killer for “protecting” people form “serious danger.” 
His victim will never get that chance to explain. 
Again, Ashli Babbitt was UNARMED and posed no threat.

For the record, Ashli Babbitt WAS attempting to climb through a broken window at the time she was shot.

This is a bit of the story that is left out of most Conservative descriptions of the situation. 

Tucker Carlson presents the other side of the story, plus an interview with Babbit's husband.

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