Monday, August 23, 2021

That No Man May Buy or Sell


Great post from Vlad Tepes Blog:

British Columbia to ban unvaccinated people from non-essential businesses

The BC NDP government is reportedly preparing to announce vaccine passports for all residents of the province. According to Global News reporter Richard Zussman, the BC government plans to announce Monday that those eligible who are unvaccinated will not be able to access non-essential businesses.

Non-essential businesses include restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and barber shops. There are no more details on when or how this would be imposed.

British Columbia currently has no official vaccine passport—with the exception of small paper cards, which verify vaccination status. It remains to be seen whether British Columbia will create a digital vaccine passport like other jurisdictions.

Odd that they are protecting people who have been ‘vaccinated’ from a disease from those who have not. Certainly a new take on vaccines. On the other hand, its a very very old take on the end of the world. Revelation 13:17.

Here we see security throwing people out of grocery stores who do not have the mark.

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