Saturday, August 21, 2021

Lara Logan On Afghanistan


Marc Levine, April 7, 2019

Vlad Tepes Blog comments:

I remember what happened to her in Egypt. Major US networks who simply could not allow themselves to deal with the reality of Islam and its views and actions towards women, are 100% to blame, both for what happened to her, and for the subsequent cover up.

At this point, the notion of commenting on Islam as a problem to the US is asinine. 


We hate ourselves. We allow our government to flood our nation with illegal aliens, and people from nations who hate us. We allow our government to turn our boys into girls, and our girls into boys. We allow our government to use major corporations to outsource the abuse of our First and Second Amendment Rights. 

We are utterly unwilling to stand up for our Freedom.

The Taliban - and Islam itself - it not our problem.

What has happened in Afghanistan - as terrible as it is - is merely a symptom of our problem.

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