Saturday, August 21, 2021

It's Springtime for Biden


First, Biden retreats (again) to his dead son Beau. This is his first refuge anytime someone questions him about duty or honor.

But he does so incoherently.

He says Beau "spent 6 months in Kosovo." He did, after the war there had ended. He trained prosecutors. 2/6

Next he says Beau was a navy captain in Iraq. Beau was in the army, and he actually achieved the rank of major. Biden corrects himself.

Next he says Beau served in Afghanistan. (He didn't.) Then corrects himself again.

He then says Beau "had how it's going."

Beau died from cancer several years ago. He has no idea how it's going.

Finally, Biden pivots to Russia & China for some reason but then just trails off in mid-thought: "They'd love us to continue to have to...."

Maybe he realized that both of those nations are thrilled?

They want us out of Afghanistan so that they can have greater influence there -- especially China.

Biden never even attempted to answer the actual question: Why did we leave in such a dishonorable *fashion*, with such poor planning?

But the answer he gave was incoherent, rambling and mistake filled with almost every word.

This man is not up to the job.

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Always On Watch said...

God forbid that Biden is impeached and then we get Kamala as POTUS!

If Kamala becomes POTUS, then she nominates a VP, right? Until Congress confirms that VP, Pelosi is, essentially, VP!