Monday, August 02, 2021

RUSSIA: COVID "Vaccination" Kills Entire Family


Russia: In Krasnodar, the corona vaccination caused the death of an entire family?

Information about a family from Krasnodar, in which all adult relatives allegedly died as a result of the coronavirus vaccination, appeared on social networks yesterday. It was reported that all relatives died:
mother, father, grandmother, that the cause of death was “the consequences of vaccinations against Covid”.

Four family members were vaccinated on the same day, three of whom died on July 16, 23 and 26. The fourth adult family member (grandfather) was in serious condition at the time the message was sent. 

Today the public intelligence service reported, citing its sources, that grandpa passed away on the evening of July 29th. 

The information made in social media messages was partially confirmed by a school employee:Yes, the girl is studying with us in the 6th Z class. In fact, all of her relatives died. (…) “

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