Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jalan Crossland
To The Last Man


Redneck Texan said...

Well shit ....... I've had Spotify for years. I literally signed up the day it was released in the US about a decade ago.

But I was never willing to pay for the Premium version. I have a longstanding problem with paying for music that goes back to my Napster days.

I never really got too far into it because of all the fuckin' commercials. I dont do commercials either.

But come to find out 2 of my kids and my wife had premium accounts, and through some family plan Spotify offers, my account just became premium at no cost to my cheap ass.

I can see already this is really gonna fuck up my life. There just aint enough hours in the day now for me to listen to all this new music.

It coincides with my new Cool Jazz fetish.

But what that really means is that my ears are starving for new mellow shit. And an unlimited supply of algorithm suggested new shit is at my fingertips. Not just on my main computer audiophile setup, but on my phone. Which means its available at all my bluetooth systems (Truck, Hammocks, Pool, Shop, Bathtub) as well.

I'm just inundated here with tunage.

Pastorius said...

I started paying the 10 bucks a month for Spotify a few years ago, because I love being able to listen to whatever, whenever, and not be interrupted by commercials.

It is really awesome.

But i gotta admit, it isn't like the old days when i'd save the money to buy the record, and then sit, listening to it over and over, and looking over the album cover until i knew every inch of it.