Saturday, September 25, 2021

Charlie Kirk Interviews James O'Keefe and HHS Whistleblower

 This video fills out a lot of information that was missing from the Project Veritas release of two days ago:

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revereridesagain said...

Can we be courageous if we don't hear "that little whisper"? I'm always told, "that doesn't matter" -- but it always does to the conservatives I hear scream about the "godless!!". I know a lot of courageous "godless" people. If you tell us, "it doesn't matter", make sure you mean it because believe me we know when you don't.

Meanwhile it is great that all these people are coming forth for whatever reason and that there are heroes like the people at Project Veritas who give them a voice. Also that support resources are being set up for them so they don't have to fear inevitably having their lives ruined. When you are confronting the powerful and ruthless a support system becomes a lifeline.

We are so inundated with propaganda and intimidation at this point that their disclosures are now truly an issue of life and death and I'm very grateful to all of them.