Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone: A Physician's Declaration

Darcy at Vlad Tepes added this comment:

Your comment echos my own attitude/opinion; therefore, I have become my own physician, recognizing that allopathic medicine has become nothing more than the management of disease via pharmaceuticals; this model is a cash cow for both physicians and the drug manufacturers — wherein they keep you coming back until you’re dead but never even attempt to address the underlying causes of illness. I’m sure the insurance companies are thrilled, too, as they take their fat profits to the bank.

Obamacare itself has been the vehicle by which this top-down, inhumane, and evil system of patient mis-care has grown to epic proportions.

We used to remark, back in the 70’s, that the nearby VA hospital was poorly run, its staff mediocre at best, and the level of care brazenly underwhelming.

We, at the private hospital, didn’t realize at the time how very blessed we were to have such quality care and high standards on all levels: staff, equipment, environment, and dedication to optimum patient care.

Have any of you read “Cancer Ward,” by Solzhenitsyn? It’s a bleak picture of the nihilistic future this government-run “health-care” system — courtesy of our overlords — is hurtling us toward.

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