Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiqh Council of North America member Salah Soltan spews Jewish blood libels at interfaith conference in the Netherlands, is former resident scholar at Rifqa Bary's Ohio mosque

From Jawa Report:

When it concerns the Religion of Peace, ironies and contradictions abound. Take for instance the following video of Fiqh Council of North America member Salah Sultan, who showed up at an interfaith event in the Netherlands a few weeks ago. In addition, he's the president of the American Center for Islamic Research and is the former resident scholar of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, the mosque attended by Rifqa Bary's family. Here's the video set up:
The FION announced that by organizing this conference it hoped to initiate a intercultural dialogue about the position of Islam and the muslims in the Netherlands. The conference was meant to attribute to the establishlishment a peaceful society, free from mutual suspicion. At the conference Salah Soltan held a speech about "the relationship between the Muslim and the other between the prophetic model and its implantation in societies".
Soltan is well known since MEMRI published a video clip at the internet. The MEMRI clip showed Soltan, who is also president of the American Centre for Islamic Research, telling a classic blood libel on Hamas TV. In that interview he argued that Jews slaughter non-Jews in order to use their blood for knead matzos for Passover.
A well known Dutch pro-Israeli activist interviewed Soltan at the conference. In the interview Soltan repeated the blood libel.
Only after the interviewer expressed his shock and asked some probing questions Soltan announced that in stead of Jews he was sure Zionists were keeping ther practice to slaughter Christians for Passover. At that moment El Forhani interfered and ended the interview.
The interview starts about 1:26 into the video:


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You're right. He does look like a Klingon.

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Don't like my philosophy, I'll keel you. Sounds like war, no more coddling. They who profess death to infidels will be smitten by the rath or us guys who know history. Pedophilic Women beaters...what a movement, dare they call themselves enlightened. They move like stealthy wolves in the night...silver bullets may they eat for breakfeast...

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Proof positive that humans interbred with Neanderthals. Quite possibly that we're still doing it.