Friday, July 30, 2010

Rush: "Anti-women's rights is a cause of the left. That's who's pushing Sharia in this country: The left. It's the left that wants a mosque at Ground Zero."

Rush on a roll. Freedom.
Let's take, at face value, the template that the partisan political hacks spew at me. I am, according to them, anti-women's rights. Equal rights for women is no concern of mine, right? I'm the guy that came up with the name "feminazi." I'm not a friend of women's rights, they say. If that were true, I would be pushing for the mosque at Ground Zero. If I were anti-women's rights, I would be all for Sharia law. Sharia law is a not-so-stealth way to undermine women's rights in this country. It would be a perfect cause if I was who they say I am. 
Anti-women's rights is a cause of the left. That's who's pushing Sharia in this country: The left. It's the left that wants a mosque at Ground Zero. It's left who thinks "America's chickensssss came home to roost" on 9/11. It's the American left that thinks we got what we deserved on 9/11. It's the American left that wants the mosque at Ground Zero. No one can be pro-women's rights and remain silent about the metastasizing cancer that Sharia law is on women's rights.


Damien said...


Anti Women's rights may not technically be a cause of the left, but anything they do to help Muslims introduce Sharia is undermining women's rights, regardless of weather or not they realize it. There are those who consider Rush anti women because he opposes abortion. Well I have a problem with abortion, and I'm not anti women either. Also when was the last time Rush beat his wife, or threatened to kill her for not covering pretty much her entire body. Both of which are permissible under Sharia. Does Rush or any mainstream American conservative think that it should take four witness to convict a man of rape or that women should be put to death for adultery? That's the way it is under Islamic (Sharia) law. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with Sharia being introduced here, even in a limit way, and understands what Sharia is, and how women are treated under Sharia, can not really be pro women's rights. If that same person also condemns someone like Rush Limbough for opposing women's rights, than he's a hypocrite. Stopping the spread of Sharia will do a great deal more to defend the rights of women than opposing Rush Limbaugh.

Pastorius said...

If they support Muslims, and they do, then they are anti-Women's rights.

I'm not going to give them any more credit than they deserve.

I agree with Rush.

I've been blogging since 2004. Look back through my archives.

I am a lifelong member of the Democratic Party. Before 9/11, I was a very left-wing guy.

After 9/11, I became more and more outraged because people on my side of the aisle were doing nothing about Islam, which is in violation of everything we, as lefties, proclaimed that we believe.

We Lefties said, SAID, we believed in

1) freedom of speech
2) freedom of worship
3) women's rights
4) gay rights
5) anti-war

Islam violates ALL of these and yet my fellow lefties will not stand against Islam

I figured out the truth.

They hate America more than they love the rights they say they believe in.


If you had my experience, you'd feel the same way as me.

Damien said...
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Damien said...


I'm not sure, the majority of leftists fully understand what they are doing in this matter. But those who do, I pretty much feel the same way about them that you do. If you hate America so much for not perfectly living up to your vision that you are willing to join forces with groups that want to destroy it, and live up to that vision even less, than you are not only a fool, but an enemy to not only America but your own vision and I do not pity you.