Tuesday, July 27, 2010

British Tory government shoots at citizens

The Conservative Party prime minister of Britain has threatened to ban opposition to his plan to Islamise the nation. A few days ago his police forces have shot out the tyres of a van carrying a law-abiding citizen because, it seems, some Muslims complained that the driver and his mates were planning to bomb a mosque. Half a dozen people were arrested, then released without charge-- because they were falsely accused. That hardly matters to the British ruling class. There will be more incidents like this because the British ruling class is at war with the British people.

The British ruling class and the Left dhimmi fascist intelligentsia and their followers are determined to destroy the nations of Britain and to turn them into a multi-cultural utopias. Those, such as the English Defence League, are not merely hounded by police, they are shot at and beaten and arrested and generally vilified by the rulership of Britain. Reaction among the alarmed is usually along the lines of, "Someone should do something." The prime minister wants to ban opposition to Islamisation of Britain. That's something.

More at: http://nodhimmitude.blogspot.com/2010/07/british-conservative-party-government.html


Dag said...

"conservative" is bannings, beatings, and shooting out tyres. Maybe Labour means making the people dig their own graves before they're killed off.

Oh, that's what's happening now. Same same only different.

Pastorius said...

Well put.

This is quite a comprehensive post.

To your knowledge, Dag, has the EDL EVER fought back against any of these beatings?

Has the EDL ever beat anyone else at these demonstrations?

Dag said...

I got into part one of a really long comment explaining my take on this, and then the comment disappeared. So, the short answer is "No violence from the EDL."

I obviously have a great deal of knowledge and experience to draw from, and I might go for it, thanks to you prompting me.

But, so far, the EDL is admirably restrained in spite of UAF provocation and police hostility (in significant instances.)

Jewel said...

This is wholesale tragedy, isn't it, Dag. I can't believe that a party which was once home to Margaret Thatcher is now trying to be even worse than New Labor.

Pastorius said...

Hey Dag,
Why come you no return my email from the other day?

Dag said...

Bad news on the homefront.

Dag said...

I lived in London S.W. when Thatcher was p.m., and it was a time of magic for the nation. For the first time since the end of the war people were free to live their own lives and work and buy property without the hands of Labour all over them, reaching into pockets, whispering scorn in the ears of the nervous, stepping on the toes of those moving on and moving up. Everything was moving, making, doing, getting better. Labour and the Trotskyites and so on, of course, hated it all. Thatcher was the best.

Cameron and the New Tories are some kind of evil nightmare on the land. We're witnessing the suicide of a people. It's so weird for me because these are my people; and I am so unlike them I can't believe we are related at all.