Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Hill:

Rep. King calls Wikileaks 'treason,' demands prosecution
By Jordy Yager - 07/27/10 03:34 PM ET

The ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee has called for the prosecution of the source of the Wikileaks controversy, saying that the leak amounts to a treasonous act and has put the lives of Americans at risk.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) told Don Imus on “Imus in the Morning” that the recent leak of more than 93,000 sensitive documents on the site Wikileaks.org was “disgraceful.”

“It violates espionage laws. I consider it treason,” said King. “The fact is, whatever happened here and whoever gave them that information is guilty, to me, of the most detestable, contemptible crime, and we have to take it seriously.

“We're not going to allow it to happen again. And this guy, whoever he is, a staff sergeant or whoever it is, but whoever they find out did it has to prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. I mean, it's not funny business. This is for real.”

Though King acknowledged that there was no specific information that was revealed that had previously been unknown, he said that U.S. enemies are now going to be able to analyze those records.

“When you have American lives on the line, whether you support the war, oppose the war, the fact is there's American men and women putting their lives on the line,” said King. “And for anyone to think that he has the right to disclose secret information and put their lives at risk is absolutely disgraceful.”


Anonymous said...

the so called .."Leaks", are not top secret, the Journalists.. yes folks, "REAL JOURNALISTS", who "Reported" on problems in Afghanistan actually went to the government, Army, CIA,..etc to check on whether publishing those papers would hurt anyone or compromise national security.. they were not told to not publish them

what everyone is upset about is that they expose Pakistan for taking billions of dollars of Tax payers money to assist in the war on terrorists.. then using that money to support those terrorists and assist in their transportation to the Afghan war zone to kill us..!! i hear mostly they are about us F'n up or killing civilians..

we need to just leave.

midnight rider said...

You're just repeating talking points and spin. Put out in part by the government for damage control. I would have expected that regardless of which party was running the show.

Truth is no one really knows what's in all those documents, perhaps not even WikiLeaks themselves.

How could they? 90,000 documents. Not pages. Documents. We couldn't even get Congress to read 2,000 pages of fucking Healthcare before voting on it. 90,000 + pages since it was released, or known it was going to be released? I doubt it.

This could cause damage in all sorts of ways from inteligence gathering to troop morale.

Don't preach to me about us fucking up. It's war. It happens. So do civilian deaths. If America wasn't so worried about fighting war in a politically correct manner and going out of her way to minimize civilian deaths we'd have been out of there years ago.

But it's precisely because of ninnies nitwits sissies and pissants who bemoan civilian deaths that we are still there although they scream for us to leave.

Do you think any of them cried about our civilian deaths on 9/11?

Black_Rain said...

"Truth is no one really knows what's in all those documents, perhaps not even WikiLeaks themselves."

they know what is NOT in them by their security rating level.

what is in them is embarrassing to the Americans and Pakistan because we/they are screwing up.. we shouldn't be in Afghanistan at all, we should not be in any Muslim country..

there are more terrorists in New Jersey mosques, and extremists Borglims.. than in Afghanistan. they re already here.. CAIR has gotten them papers and shipped them here with Saudi money.