Friday, July 30, 2010

Homeland Security Memo Shows Obama Regime Considering Ways to Grant Amnesty Without Going Through Congress

God only knows the depths this Administration would go to in order to impose their agenda on the American people.

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revereridesagain said...

They will do anything -- anything -- they think they can get away with to fix the next election. That voter block of amnestied illegal aliens is too important to let it escape. Obama must know he is going to lose unless he rigs the vote somehow. Amnesty & "right" to vote, October surprises, manufactured crises, voter intimidation, poll tampering, expect to see it all. This is the Left's one big chance to socialize, internationalize, and islamicize the nation. They have nothing to lose.

Damien said...


Okay, as If I couldn't have been encouraged anymore to vote agianst him the next election. I hope that a lot of people read about this and turn agianst him. Maybe the shear fact that people found out that he's trying to do this now will backfire.