Monday, July 26, 2010

From Jihad Watch:

Malmö is, of course, the city from which Jews are already fleeing because of antisemitic attacks from the Muslims there. "Attack Against the Synagogue in Malmö Revives Threat Concerns for the Jewish Community," from Sweden Israel and the Jews, July 25 (thanks to Joseph):
In the early morning hours on Friday a large explosion was reported outside Malmö's synagogue. The explosion is suspected to have been caused by a substantial firecracker and is seen as an attack on the synagogue. The attack can also be seen as a resurgence of the threat against the Malmö Jewish community. 
Some minutes before 2am the night between July 22nd and the 23rd a big explosion was reported outside the synagogue in Malmö. Residents living close to the synagogue reported that an explosion was heard and there was also a very bright flash. Spokesperson for the police, Göran Billberg commented that the explosion most probably was due to "some kind of firecracker", and did not characterize the explosive as a bomb.
The local newspaper Sydsvenskan reported incorrectly that no damage was done to the synagogue; in fact the explosion was so strong that several of the synagogue windows were blown out by the blast. [...]
The local police force feels that it is not necessary to enforce security around the synagogue although it is evident that the Jewish Community remains in a state of constant threat....

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