Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Julian Bream and Stephane Grappelli


revereridesagain said...

Check out the lead story at about the Paltalk global Islamic online conference July 31. It's called Ghazwatul Washington. Everybody knows what a ghazwa is, right?

Jewel said...

ghazwa is often translated into razzia: Razzias are notorious in France, where gangs of Muslims attack natives and terrorize them in public transportation. You could call the riots in France razzias, because that is exactly what they are. They must be proposing razzias worldwide. This is completely different than the individual muslim going jihad in the public square. Urban warfare. We should have seen this coming many years ago, and to be sure, many people have...including, once upon a time...Charles Johnson, who related a frightening incident where, riding his bike, he came upon a group of young Muslims leaving their mosque on a Friday afternoon. Upon seeing him, one of them pointed his finger at him the way you would point a gun, and imitated a shooting motion.
The reason this stands out so clearly to me, is that Johnson was literally scared witless about it. He has, to his credit, in the past, covered the razzias going on in Europe. Unfortunately, he decided to abandon the side which would have guaranteed him the right to write the crap he now writes with impunity. I think the Muslim boys who pretended to shoot him won't care that he's now on their side. They'll still shoot him.