Thursday, July 29, 2010

JENNIFER KEETON TOSSED OUT OF GRAD SCHOOL BECAUSE SHE'S A CHRISTIAN - if she was Muslim, then Obama and Holder would be suing on her behalf! 
From the Astute Bloggers:
... Jennifer Keeton, who has sued Augusta State University to keep from getting expelled for not repudiating her statements about homosexuality. Keeton expressed her biblical perspective on the subject in and out of class while working toward a degree in counseling, and the school mandated a “remediation plan” that appears to have required her to renounce her Christian doctrine in order to gain a diploma from the school. The school has responded that a bias against homosexuality would disqualify Keeton from certification, a position that would put most Christians in Keeton’s position.

... It sounds to me like the ACA [AMERICAN COUNSELING ASSOCIATION] wants a “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule for religion. That runs square into the First Amendment, especially for a state-run school. The ACA’s idea of who comes first doesn’t get to trump the restriction on freedom of religious exercise. If clients get off-put by Keeton’s approach to counseling, they can look for another counselor. Now, the ACA can decide not to certify her; as a private organization, they have that prerogative. If they do that explicitly based on her religious belief, however, they may have a problem with that in court, especially as it will block Keeton’s ability to make a living.
The state-run school has no such leeway. They cannot impose a religious test for graduation, no matter how they dress it up.




Anonymous said...

I went through both undergraduate and graduate school in psychology. The entire system is full of Progressives who think believe in moral equivalency. Fortunately I chose to go a different route because I would not have been given a diploma if my current (Conservative) views were known. Yes, the counseling profession is full of "don't ask-don't tell" sentiments and you better not run afoul of the powers that be or you will be sorry.

christian soldier said...

there have been two - so far- and probably others that we do not know about:

revereridesagain said...

While it probably should not interfere with the ability to graduate from a public educational institution, it is unethical to foist your personal religious beliefs on people in general counseling.

Does the ACA does certify regardless of religious belief? If a counselor is doing officially Christian counseling, or if it is otherwise specified that she will be approaching therapy from a religious p.o.v., that should not be a problem. But clients should be able to learn that before they invest time and money. Exactly how does Ms. Keeton plan to make it known that she does not accept homosexual clients unless they agree to change their sexuality?

If, say, I were to walk into a counselor's office suffering from depression, and that counselor started in on how I first had to Accept-Jesus-As-Lord, I would turn around and walk out the door with yet one more reason to feel I had nobody to trust. Thanks ever so much, doc.

I would do the same thing if the counselor insisted I recite the Shahada, only in that case I would run, not walk.

However, I would expect to encounter no problem with a counselor trying to convert me to Judaism. Wonder how such a counselor manages to deal with moral issues without referring to the Torah every time?

Are "heathens" really unworthy of receiving counseling unless they accept Jesus first and unless conservative Christian biblical tenets are used to judge their morality? That would mean that not only homosexuals but people having affairs out of wedlock and taking birth control and, for that matter, practicing atheists, are "immoral" and should be scolded as "sinners" as part of their "therapy". I guess objecting to that would be "hating Judeo-Christianity" and such a person wouldn't deserve counseling anyway.

Always On Watch said...

How far are we from public institutions in denying certification in any profession if a student's expresses views different from the current prevailing view of political correctness and multiculturalism? For example, could a student studying to be a teacher be barred from teacher certification if that student tells some facts about Islam in world history class?

For decades now, students have bitten their tongues, gotten the necessary certification, and moved on with their lives? And some bit their tongues and were convinced that the leftist approach was the proper way, too.

Damien said...


I don't know exactly how much of the left's double standard has to do with hatred for Christianity. It probably also has a lot to do with the fear of what Muslims will do them if they get upset. Off course if this women was a Muslim, there would also be a lot of craze Jihadist upset with her for even going to school. How long before some radical Muslims in the west start to demand the right to not send their daughters to school at all? We know how the Taliban feels about sending young girls to school.