Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Jumped on the Wrong Horse

a first hand account of Arizona Militia members who went to Laredo to check out the story of the ranches themselves.

Their report?

Nothing to report

Patriot Resistance:


Who Reports:

Friends and I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and night trying to confirm or deny the rumors about an incursion by the Mexican drug cartel into Laredo and the seizure by it of two ranches. Personally, I wanted to do my own research without relying on anyone else's information and/or confirmation, so a friend and I drove all night and arrived in Laredo at 8:00 AM this morning (Sunday). We took Mines Road north (a/k/a 1472) for more than 22 miles off I-35. There is nothing to report. We passed 4 border patrol cars each with two agents going in opposite direction and 2 border patrol vehicles parked along the side of the road facing opposite direction as we headed north. There is no visible aerial surveillance; no helicopters, or military air support (can't address drones). We headed back to I-35 and returned to Austin. We checked the coordinates on the way home: N 27' 39" 15, W 99' 33" 41). We passed some cyclists (a la Lance Armstrong). People were out and about enjoying their Sunday. There were 5 police cars parked at police headquarters that shared a building with the fire trucks (on Mines), there was not any unusual or frenzied activity at all, and the bridge / border crossing in Laredo had almost no activity. We observed only one minivan enter the US during the short time we stopped to observe and take a picture. We were unable to figure out what Minerales Annex is except to guess that it may be a designation for a parcel of land. There is no street by that name that we were able to find. For clarification, while driving north on Mines, we believe that you travel within the Laredo city limits, then leave and travel through another city/town/village, and then briefly enter the Laredo city limits again.

It appears as if the information regarding the seizure of two Texas ranches (and "safe evacuation" of the respective families) by the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas, in Laredo were inaccurate, and I apologize for my part in spreading untrue rumors and for perpetuating a hoax. We must report accurate information and hold ourselves to a higher standard, or we are as guilty as they. While the siezure of the ranches may be inaccurate, we must be vigilant and demand that our borders be secure for the safety and well-being of all Americans.

SUBMITTED BY: TerminatorGirl with WRAM

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