Friday, July 20, 2018

Knifeman in Germany city of Lubeck in bus stabbing rampage

A MAN with a “smoldering backpack” has gone on a terrifying stabbing rampage on a bus in Germany, injuring at least 12 people.
A KNIFEMAN injured 12 people, two seriously, in a terrifying stabbing rampage on a bus in the German city of Lubeck.
The Sun reports that the suspect, who was allegedly wearing a “smouldering backpack”, was arrested after attacking several people with a kitchen knife.
He pulled a gun on the passengers on the bus to the coastal city of Travemunde but did not shoot anyone, a witness told Lubeck News.
The driver is reported to have slammed on the brakes and opened the doors so people could escape before he was attacked himself.
Sources told Lubeck News the suspect was an Iranian man in his mid-30s who is now in police custody.
Police confirmed several people were wounded in the onslaught but no deaths have been reported as yet.
Witness Lothar, 87, said: “The passengers jumped out of the bus screaming, it was terrible, and then the injured were taken away.”
Police cordoned off the area as they continued their investigation into the attack.

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