Thursday, July 19, 2018

Is This True?

I'm no historian. And I certainly don't have much knowledge about Africa. But this must be true, because if there were an impressive, enduring city in Africa, I'm quite sure I would have heard about it.


Always On Watch said...

I think this is the preacher who called Obama "a long-legged macdaddy."

Always On Watch said...

He's a bit controversial.

Pastorius said...

It doesn't much matter if this guy is controversial or not. What matters is, is this true?

Pastorius said...

That being said, I know what you mean. He says a lot of terrible and crazy things.

Still, the reason I posted this is he made some historical assertions here, and I want to know if they are true or not.

Anonymous said...

You need to say Africa outside of Egypt.
Fortunately they are too big for a certain
sect to tear down. That civilization was around
quite a while.