Thursday, July 26, 2018

Media Shitbird to Facebook Exec: Say, How Come You Guys Don't Censor Fox News For Being Such Big, Fat Liars?

That's right, the same pompous, self righteous media members who wail, gnash their teeth and assert that Donald Trump is trampling their sacred freedom of speech by calling them "fake news" want to know why Facebook doesn't go ahead and censor Faux News for all their lying, perfidious dishonesty.


Facebook stock is down 25% in a single session, by the way, due a huge drop in user activity.

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thelastenglishprince said...

MSM is scrambling. It is no longer leak city as was the case under the last 3 POTUS. Media was awarded with leaks and news stories for their compliance to political narrative.

Interesting watching Mike Pompeo on the Hill yesterday. (Fox News) One Senator was whining about not knowing anything about the two hour private meeting Trump had with Putin in Helsinki. Pompeo classified any knowledge of what was said in the category of "a leak". Exactly! He noted the need for privacy in case there was the need for a future private meeting.

Also, Senator Jeff Flake complimented Mike Pompeo on correcting something Trump had said two days prior. Pompeo jumped him and said, "This is not my State Department. This is the President's State Department." The statement was much stronger and exemplified an understanding of chain of command. The senator was trying to smear the POTUS. Pompeo wouldn't take the bait.

So we need availability to all news organizations and opinions to seek clarity on issues. It is also Constitutional right.