Sunday, December 30, 2018

Canned Heat
Going Up The Country


midnight rider said...

It was announced today that this summer, August 16-18 2019, a Woodstock 50th anniversary music festival will be held at the original site, Yasgur's Farm, New York.

This is all very nice but as any of the subsequent festivals (Woodstock 2 etc) have shown it will not live up to the hype and will be overly political (not that the original wasn't political) and far less about the music. And wholly contrived.

In 1969 the organizers expected maybe 50,000 paid attendees. It exploded to 400,000, mostly free. It was all spontaneous. For so many different reasons they were moths drawn to the three day sex drugs and rock 'n roll flame that would explode into the counterculture movement.

Woodstock was a pivotal moment in Rock, American and World history.

Woodstock 50 will be little more than a cynical moneymaking event.

Always On Watch said...

Woodstock 50 will be little more than a cynical moneymaking event.

No doubt.

I wonder who will perform and who will attend.

Redneck Texan said...

That was a great time to be young man ...... except for the grooming issues.