Wednesday, December 19, 2018

J.J. Sefton On The Trump Border Wall

J.J. Sefton:
So, the $5 billion dollar question that everyone is pondering is is Trump caving? The eeyore contingent, the hair-on-fire panicky types as well as the gloating Dems and Coup-Cucks-Clansmen think he screwed the pooch. 
I'm not so sure about that. Remember, after all, this is Donald Trump we are talking about. 
Recall the previous meeting in the Oval Office from almost exactly a year ago with the likes of Feinstein and Durbin (gun control?) where we were all in freakout mode, including your humble news aggravator hisself, that the President was going to sell us down the river. And within 48 hours it turned out that he exposed them as frauds and tools. 
That was subtle, and last week's confrontation with Cuck and Palsi in which he pantsed the both of them on live TV was anything but. All that taken together, especially considering that this is the singular issue that got him elected (and he knows it) means that I am not going to throw in the white towel just yet. 
There were quite a few commenters, naturally led by Soros rent-a-trolls who were sowing eeyorish discord in the comments and blaming Trump for all of the failures of the last two years. 
To which I reply, what failures? A roaring economy that is being sabotaged by Fed chairman Powell, leftist billionaires and the Wall Street donor class that are willing to take it in the shorts and wipe out a significant chunk of accumulated wealth over the past 2 years just to try and drive down Trump's approval rating (so as to make impeachment palatable/plausible), foreign policy triumphs, taking a wrecking ball to the regulatory state and, of course, the judicial appointments (jury's out on Kavanaugh). 
I maintain that whatever policy failings, the Obamacare repeal/replace fiasco, funding of Planned Parenthood, what we are seeing now with the wall funding as well as the continued generational theft via continuing resolutions and debt, and not to mention the loss of the House majority is squarely on the slouching shoulders of the GOP-e. 
And then there's the Mueller witch hunt which is a whole other thing in and of itself. 
But honestly, to blame President Trump for any of this is completely wrong. Believe you me; if he does do something catastrophically boneheaded on this or on anything else, I'll be the first to give it to him good and hard and loud. But for now, keep the faith and thank G-d for Trump.


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT! Ted Cruz Calls For $14 Billion Seized From El Chapo To Fund Border Wall...

thelastenglishprince said...

The fact that he is dumping in totality the Trump Foundation shows that the POTUS is serious about a second term.

If he makes it - I suspect he will be hell on wheels because at that point, there is nothing to lose because he is Constitutionally constrained regarding a third term.

He will offer up the Hawaiian Good Luck Sign to his opponents and tell them to piss off.