Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Deep State Blues

The bigger picture is that the Deep State to whatever extent it was at the behest of or knowledge of Obama and Clinton engaged in a campaign to sabotage the candidate Trump and now is engaged in the attempt to simultaneously cover up the greatest political scandal bar none in US history as well as now continue the effort in an attempt to actually overthrow President Trump, the rule of law and the preservation of whatever's left of our civil society, consequences be damned.

DEVELOPING: Comey Not Cooperating in Second Closed-Door Testimony

New Legal Filings Reveal Hillary Camp Funneled Cash to Chris Steele to Help Her Challenge 2016 Election Results

Flynn 302 Report Finalized THREE WEEKS After Ambush Interview – Strzok Text Messages Show McCabe Approved Wording

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Anonymous said...

And James Comey is an honorable man (/sarc)

A federal judge has ruled Trump's declassifying of the Nunes "FISA Abuse" Memo, which revealed the FBI's handling of the dossier in obtaining a FISA wiretap on a Trump adviser, vitiated the FBI's ability to fend off FOIA claims related to the dossier. The spigots are now open ...
Apparently ruling says Pres Trump declassification of memo (now) applies or extends to matters involving the dossier too. It vitiates or "negates" FBI's ability to claim dossier or matters surrounding it's use are classified.

John Carlin as head of the DOJ National Security Division was one of the last officials to approve FISAs to spy on Team Trump.

Carlin resigned DAYS after the approval and was hired by a law firm w/ other ex-Obama officials.

Oh by the way...

Carlin was Mueller’s Chief of Staff.