Sunday, November 17, 2019

She Had To Leave Los Angeles

From the Z Blog: 
A half century ago, California was the epicenter of the cultural revolution that threatened to collapse society. It is the test bed for the multicultural favela the rage heads in the ruling class have planned for the nation. Today, they have rolling blackouts in a third world effort to keep from setting the state on fire. Their efforts to manage air pollution, a great crusade in the 1860’s and 1970’s, is beginning to fail. Their pension system is effectively bankrupt, just waiting to collapse in the next decade. 
In other words, the spasm of decline and near collapse of a half century ago was part of a cycle of decline. This crisis will probably be followed by some correction, where things settle for a while, but never return to the prior normal. Just as the 1980’s never reached the level of social accomplishment of the post-war years, the next period of tranquility will fall far short of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It will simply be an interregnum between one period of crisis and the next, another step down the ladder of collapse. 
At some point, the old social capital of the prior greatness is exhausted. The Romans were a spent people for over century before the collapse. In fact, they were arguably done in the third century. The real question about the late Roman Empire is how it managed to stagger on for so long. That may be where we are now in present day America. The next step down the ladder of decline may be so unstable that the weight of past error crashed society through to the bottom. 
The case for this theory of collapse is the rapidly shrinking white middle-class. It’s not just shrinking as an economic institution, but as a cultural one. The dominant culture today is one that celebrates degeneracy and barbarism. Bourgeois culture remains, but unlike the 1980’s, it is not front and center, offering a stabilizing point to arrest the cultural turmoil of the day. The antidote to what’s happening today is not a man in a sundress demanding the rest of us pretend he is a girl. 
In addition to the shrinking influence of bourgeois white culture, there is the growing sense that what’s left of America is not worth saving. Everyday, more and more white people come to the conclusion that the people they see in politics, the media and popular culture are incompatible with the world they want for themselves and their decedents. That old bourgeois white culture is looking at America like the family exhausted by an alcoholic relative. It’s time to cut our losses.


Anonymous said...

The rapidly shrinking middle class is an effect. The cause is the far deeper discouragement, prohibition and personal rejection of the Judeo-Christian values upon which our culture, society and economy were based. These values helped people to prosper like no other society in human history save Israel during the time of Solomon. There is no secular replacement or improvement for these values. The only way that secular post-moderns can respond is to denigrate them. Since these were the values of the founding colonizers of this land, the complaint is about “white privilege”. Thus race has been turned into a proxy for the very culture we have benefited from like no other people. It must be destroyed and replaced with what exactly. We must destroy our present society to find what progressives will make up as they wield their wrecking ball.

— EwinBarnett

Anonymous said...

First time I heard X I mistook them for the B-52s. Cervenka does sound a lot like Cindy Wilson.

BTW: Agree with you EwinB.

Stephen J Carter said...

The need is for a return to the objective values the West is based upon. Subjectivism and it's values can only lead to repressive systems of control. The objective values are rooted in the West's religious system, the Judaeo-Chritian. We've learned after a century of ideological lunacy where such rootless values lead. Eastern Europe, and even Russia, were able to achieve this. It's possible to re-embrace our religious roots, sincerely, and thein fact the feelings of joy, homecoming, reunion with who we are, would be like nothing we've experienced in decades. The sense of renewal would be truly inspiring. Will this happen? It's begun already in the USA. It may happen in pockets of Europe, and expand slowly.

Pastorius said...

I hope you're right, Stephen Carter.