Sunday, November 17, 2019


Terror-Tied CAIR Vows to Get 30 Muslims Elected to Congress and Add at Least One Muslim to Supreme Court


Anonymous said...

Who will stop them? From Z Blog:

"The dominant culture today is one that celebrates degeneracy and barbarism. Bourgeois culture remains, but unlike the 1980’s, it is not front and center, offering a stabilizing point to arrest the cultural turmoil of the day. The antidote to what’s happening today is not a man in a sundress demanding the rest of us pretend he is a girl.

"...there is the growing sense that what’s left of America is not worth saving."

Deep down inside people know that men are not women, that cultures are not equal, and some ways are just better than others. But American society is telling us, forcing us, to nod our approval to the blatantly bogus. Disordered, disfunctional cultures do not survive.

Islam promises order. Look to incles and migtows to provide a harvest of coverts. Every guy gets a wife in the Muslim world order. could happen faster than you can possibly believe.

Pastorius said...

Yes, I believe what you say is true.

Pastorius said...

Could you give me a link to the Z Blog post above, please?

Pete Rowe said...

MGTOW is a strange movement to me. Not sure I get it

Anonymous said...

I get Z Man links from the Western Rifle Shooters Association page. It's on your blogroll. Full disclosure: Z can be a bit "wh!te nat!onal" but aside from that he often makes good observations.

I also follow the links to Matt Bracken who is quite good.

Pastorius said...

The Z man is on my blogroll too.

He is pretty extreme.

I understand he is a friend or associate\ of Peter Thiel.