Thursday, November 28, 2019

Things To Be Thankful For: President Trump Signs Two Bills and Stands with Hong Kong Freedom Fighters!

U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law here congressional bills that back protesters in Hong Kong and threaten China with possible sanctions on human rights, prompting China’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday to warn of “firm counter measures”. 
Mass protests for more democracy and autonomy have rocked the former British colony and more than 5,800 people have been arrested since June, with the escalating violence raising fears that China will ratchet up its response to end the unrest. 
The “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act,” which the Senate and House passed last week, puts the special treatment Hong Kong enjoys under U.S. law under tighter scrutiny linked to the extent of the territory’s autonomy from Beijing. 
A second bill, which Trump also signed, bans the export to the Hong Kong police of crowd-control munitions, such as teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and stun guns.

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Anonymous said...

Chinese Foreign Ministry summons the US Ambassador to China concerning the latest #HongKong act signed by the US President.